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The TS seems as lively as ever.
There's some info coming down the pipes. I just haven't had the time to sit down and type it all out and make the necessary website changes. Just watch for it this weekend sometime.
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As the Commanding Officer of the Warlords, I would like to be the first to welcome you to our home. The Warlords is designated a tactical realism unit or organization. We pride ourselves with adhering to a much higher standard among gamers, and utilize real world, or realistic tactics. We also follow a realistic organizational structure with regards to ranks, squads, and more. 

As we are a realism unit, much of what we do here will differ from your average clan. "Clan" is a dirty 4 letter word here that we do not use. We refer to ourselves as a unit. As a unit, we operate in games with a high level of professionalism. This is something we demand of all members. We wear our tag proudly, we show our ranks, and we train on real military tactics.

Being a member here is hard. You're expected to be active (at least every few days), you're given responsibilities appropriate to your rank, and you're expected to understand and utilize proper tactics that you will learn here. 

You can not simply come and go as you please. If you disappear for a week, expect that you'll likely face a demotion or discharge. If you fail to follow the leaders appointed over you, expect the same possible outcome of demotions and discharge.

But with all of that said, we are here to have fun. We realize this is NOT real life. We are NOT in a real military unit. We understand that people have real lives and schedules that wont always conform to our needs as a unit. We will never demand of you, more than you are able to give. If you need to take an extended leave of absence, you will never be denied and we will accommodate anyone's schedule as best as we can.

If joining the Warlords sounds like something you would like to do, simply navigate yourself to the top of the website and click on our "Recruitment" tab. Be sure to follow ALL directions as they appear and include all of the information that is required. Once you do that, follow up with a Recruitment Officer on our TeamSpeak server (indicated by an "RO" icon). They will look over your application and guide you further.

If you are visiting us, be sure to head over to our forums and say hello. We welcome all visitors with open arms. We're always looking to hear from other groups that we might be able to ally ourselves with in-game and perhaps train along side of. 

Anyway, thanks again for visiting our website, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Captain J. Shields
Commanding Officer
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